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Mucocutaneous Lymph Node syndrome

This is an exanthematous disease with high fever in childhood the exact cause of which is unknown. Most probably it is a form of vasculitis, possibly a rheumatic disease.
Diagnostic criteria for Kawasaki disease (according to Shulman):

  • Bild 1

    Kawasaki- syndrome, conjunctivitis

    Bild 2

    Kawasaki- syndrome, "strawberry tongue"

    Bild 3

    Kawasaki- syndrome, maculat erythema

    Bild 4

    Fingertip peeling in subacute phase of Kawasaki- syndrome

    Bild 5

    Kawasaki- syndrome, palmplantar erythema

    Bild 6

    Kawasaki- syndrome, morbilliform rash

  • Kawasaki- syndrome
    The images were kindly provided by Prof. HJ. Cremer.

Of concern is the high fever which does not respond to antibiotics. The clinical picture sometimes resembles an acute measles infection, but even more pronounced is the resemblance to scarlet fever (raspberry tongue, reddened throat, exfoliation on hands and feet). Kawasaki disease makes admission to hospital necessary. Cardiac and coronary problems have to be eliminated.

Differential diagnosis:
scarlet fever - morbilli - SSSS (staphylococcal scaled skin syndrome) - toxic-schock-syndrome - still-Syndrom